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Extreme Tune Your Archery Bow

Our Extreme Tune-ups are the most comprehensive bow tuning available today.
We have made a science out of making bows shoot better than they ever have.
STEP ONE: We inspect the condition of strings and cables, examine cams and modules and check all accessories to ensure that there is nothing that needs to be changed before actual adjustments are made.

STEP TWO: Now we check and adjust brace height, determine draw weight and draw length and finally measure axle to axle and compare to manufacturers specs.

STEP THREE: Here we check and adjust cam timing or synchronization, cam lean, center shot, and nock height.

STEP FOUR: We shoot the bow (please provide at least 4 arrows). After all adjustments have been set, we can now judge the efficiency of the bow and determine whether or not there might be a better arrow choice and also whether or not you may have an arrow that needs to be retired.

STEP FIVE: At this point we chronograph your set-up. This measures the velocity of your arrow from a properly tuned bow in feet per second.

STEP SIX: We record and document all of our findings onto a hard copy for you to keep. Every vital measurement and statistic will be recorded so that we may trouble shoot should any problems occur down the road.


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One of the best archery shops I've ever been to and definitely the only shop I trust with my bow.—SkullCleaning NY

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